Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between an agent and a manager?

Agents submit and procure auditions for their talent. Agents pitch talent to casting, deal with negotiating rates and handle contracts. Managers guide the talent’s career. They deal with the talent on a more personal level, answering questions, giving advice, and outlining strategy to advance the talent’s career.


What services does TASM provide talent that agencies do not:

Since we guide your career and outline strategies, TASM offers the following services to their talent at no charge (remember we make commission when you book work)
1. Provide a year long plan outlining tips and strategies for each talent to follow to ensure growth in their career path
2. Identify your strengths, typecast, and unique abilities that would be appealing to casting.
3. Create and send out publicity blurbs about our talent to all our casting director/film director/producer contacts to build awareness and generate interest in our talent.
4. Help you design postcards to mail out after bookings
5. Work closely with your agent to make sure you are at the TOP of their submission list and being submitted for all auditions you fit.
6. Watch your audition tapings and give feedback for improvement.
7. Guide you in your training path to optimize the best and fastest growth in your skills
8. Help you with “branding” so you are marketable
9. Strategize on ways to build your resume so you are more enticing to casting/directors.
10. Will help you gain representation in LA/NY market when you are ready
11. Teach you tips and strategies for Social Media presence
12. Give you personal one on one guidance from auditions, self taping, feedback, agent relations and much more.
13. We use our contacts and knowledge in industry to help you gain more opportunities so that you can always move your career forward.


Why is your contract so long and is that negotiable?

We invest a lot of time and energy on the front end of the contract. Our vision is long term. Most of the talent we take on are new or developmental talent. This requires a big investment in time on our end with little or no payout. However, we know that if our talent is committed and follows our guidance, then the chance for success increases as time goes along.  The contract length is to protect our investment of time up front with hopes of recouping that as time goes on. Furthermore, if we are committed to spending time and energy in our clients, then we want clients who are willing to commit to us.


What makes TASM unique?

The Actor’s Scene management is an Atlanta-based management company focused on the long-term careers of our talent roster. Even though we are based in the Southeast — with access to the incredible amount of Hollywood work in Atlanta and the surrounding areas — we have a national market focus. We work with clients in LA, NY, and many other regional entertainment locales.


I noticed that The Actor’s Scene Management and The Actor’s Scene have similar names. Are they affiliated in any way?

Nicolle Campbell is the owner of TASM and The Actor’s Scene. Both companies share office space, but are separate companies. They are completely independent of each other, and TASM talent is in no way required to be affiliated to The Actor’s Scene studio, Inc.


If I am offered a contract for TASM, will I be required to take classes at The Actor’s Scene?

Absolutely not. We do not funnel any of our talent toward the acting studio’s business. If any representation ever requires investment in one particular business(whether it be photography, reel construction, or classes), they may not have the talent’s best interest at the forefront.

However, we do require developmental talent to be in classes(at an acting studio of their choosing) at least six months of the year. This policy of TASM is to ensure complete professionalism and readiness for auditions and bookings, and to remain competitive in the marketplace.


How can I submit?

Please submit a headshot, resume, reel(if you have one), and any other important materials to No mailed submissions, please. Absolutely no unsolicited phone calls.


What kind of talent are you looking for?

Any talent between the ages of 3 and 25, all ethnicities. We are looking for new talent that may not have a lot of experience, as well as seasoned talent that may already have agency representation in Atlanta. In short, anyone who would like to explore the possibility of obtaining a personal manager.


What do you charge for your services?

Managers make a commission only when signed talent books work.


What agencies do you work with?

TASM has relationships with most major talent agents in Atlanta, as well as agents in Florida, Tennessee, other Southeast regions, New York, and Los Angeles.


Can you have an agent AND a manager?

Yes! Agents and managers work as a team for the talent. Managers guide the talent on a more personal, daily aspect than an agent — they provide services that agents simply don’t have time to do.